We are the 1st Japanese inspired Wafuku brand in Indonesia for Babies & Kids. Wafuku means traditional Japanese clothes such as Kimono, Yukata, Jinbei, Haori, and Hakama. We create our own version of Wafuku without removing the basic elements of traditional Japanese design. It is stylish but also practical & comfortable to wear for your little one. Wing Kimonois our first signature design, if you see something similar out there, you know where it originally started. Definitely not from Japan.

I began making kimonos for my daughter when I was pregnant. I am quite obsessed with Japanese culture since I was a kid, and I wanted a way to introduce part of that culture earlier to my daughter. But since at that time I couldn’t find Baby Kimonos anywhere online, I decided to create it on my own and sell it.
I decide to name it Aimono because あい (“ai”, means love) もの (“mono”, means thing). Aimono together means “Things that i love.” That’s my interpretation of Aimono.

In February 2016, we launched our very first Wafuku collection for adults. We create a design that is versatile for Man and Woman who wants to look chic without have to put so much efforts. It is a suitable clothing for lazy dressers , fashion enthusiast and  Japanese lovers.